Botswana Khwedom Council


Keikabile Mogodu

Notable Quotes

2:58: “This goes to speak about accountability of government, but especially on this point I would like to speak about the African governments, who seem not to think that they are accountable to the indigenous societies or the indigenous communities. It appears that among African communities, and Botswana in particular, when you bring an issue but especially that speaks to the issue of indigenous people, it looks like then they are not accountable to your community. The only way to speak to the issue that affects you is as a citizen of the country, say Botswana, as a citizen of Botswana. As a Botswanan, the government is prone to hear me, and when I come as an indigenous person, (4:01) it’s very difficult for the government to listen to me, and that has an aspect of denying our access as indigenous San people in Botswana.”

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