JKOASM (Jaringan Kampung Orang Asli Semenanjung Malaysia)


Tijah Chopil

Notable Quotes

01:46: “So when the Orang Asli did organize a blockade over their land to stop logging, mining, trespassing by outsiders, the fully armed police and other government agencies went to the site to dismantle and disperse the Orang Asli from continuing their blockade and arrested all of those involved.”


02:07: “There were also attempts to bribe the Orang Asli as previously with a huge amount of money to stop the Orang Asli from protesting.”


02:21: “So there were also many cases where the Orang Asli were accused and charged of being instigators, stopping public officers from exercising their duty, despite the fact that Orang Asli is the real victim and the oppressed. So, the Orang Asli have also been accused of intentionally causing problems while they were seeking the truth through their methods.”

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