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Cases of Documented Violations

To date, Indonesia has failed to fully recognize and protect the customary rights of Indigenous Peoples. Discrimination, ancestral territory grabbing, and forced eviction of Indigenous Peoples from their lands in the name of development continue to occur. When they try to defend their lands, they are often criminalized. This criminalization comes with intimidation and violence by the state and people affiliated with corporations operating on indigenous lands.

According to the Alliance of Indigenous Peoples of the Archipelago (AMAN), hundreds of Indigenous Peoples have been victims of criminalization and violence. One example of this criminalization is the case of the Seko Indigenous Peoples. They rejected a plan to develop a hydropower plant on their lands, and their protests were met by intimidation, violence, and the imprisonment of some members of the Seko. Some served time, while others are still on the wanted list. The police threatened to arrest all the men in the village if they continued to resist the plant. Both women and children have also experienced violence as a result.

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